When it comes to fabrication requirements, Zincanneal has consistently proven to be the preferred steel of choice for millions of Australians. In this post, we look at the various applications to which Zincanneal is typically put to use in the country, which can in turn inform and inspire you to deploy Zincanneal in the best way possible!

Before we get to Zincanneal applications, it would be useful to understand it better and get a sense of its properties.

Zincanneal is essentially steel that has been coated with zinc or iron metal alloys which impede corrosion. Typically, this coating is done by repeatedly hot-dipping steel sheets.

The end result is steel which has a matte finish to it with a surface smooth enough to paint on it directly.

With this background perspective in place, it would be easier to appreciate the various applications to which Zincanneal is deployed.

Panels Exposed to the Elements

Given its resistance to corrosion, it is no surprise that Zincanneal is widely used in panels that are exposed to the elements. In any case, given the harsh and extreme weather conditions in our country, there’s no dearth of situations where panels are exposed to the elements!

Zincanneal ensures that these panels remain protected. That way, their durability gets a big boost while also ensuring safety of folks around these panels.

Automotive Panels Not Exposed to the Elements

Automotive panels require a level of protection which is often a few notches above that of others. That is the reason even in case of panels which are actually not exposed to the elements; Zincanneal makes an excellent choice for them.

This has to do with the fact that automobiles are complex machines where a number of parts have to work in sync together seamlessly. Even if there is no direct exposure to the elements, even the slightest of corrosion can have longstanding implications, affecting the automobile’s functionality and durability. Zincanneal helps in preventing such situations.

Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers made of Zincanneal Steel

Zincanneal is commonly deployed in commercial refrigerators and freezers. Given the practically non-stop usage of these gadgets, combined with the sheer volume of items held by them, their primary steel fabrication is expected to possess the highest level of durability and strength. Zincanneal gives these devices precisely that.

Zincanneal Steel Switchboards

There is a lot which is expected out of switchboards, primarily being the fact that they continue to function seamlessly, constantly redirecting electricity via their switches. Now, given the fact that panels are integral to switchboards, either as large single panels or an entire assembly of them, strength and durability again comes into the picture.

It is to provide this robustness in the long run that Zincanneal is frequently deployed in switchboard panels.

Acoustic Ceiling Tiles made with Zincanneal

Let’s face it – noise pollution is all around us. No matter how hard we try, often it becomes simply inescapable to avoid it. Yet, there are solutions on offer in the form of acoustic ceiling tiles which can mitigate unwanted sounds. Today, homes, offices, and places of worship (among others) across Australia are increasingly using acoustic ceiling tiles to minimize unwanted noise and sound from infiltrating in.

These acoustic ceiling tiles frequently use Zincanneal in them. That is because it enhances their sound mitigating capabilities, ensuring as noise-free an environment as possible.

Zincanneal Door Frames

Zincanneal lends door frames an additional degree of strength. Over time, other door frames tend to show at least some degree of corrosion even if they are also made of standard-grade steel. It is Zincanneal in this case, which makes all the difference.

Home owners and builders across Australia increasingly prefer Zincanneal as the steel fabrication of choice. Zincanneal’s easy and immense malleability has also contributed towards its widespread usage for steel door frames across Australia.

Washing Machines

As with refrigerators, a lot is expected out of washing machines. Typically, most Australians tend to stretch ownership of their washing machines to the maxim. Obvious, constant exposure to water implies increased susceptibility to corrosion. As with some of the other applications noted above, Zincanneal makes a world of difference, ensuring that washing machines continue to perform effortlessly when their panels are made out of it.


Zincanneal lends a degree of strength and durability which is simply unmatched by standard-grade steel. So if you are evaluating your options for steel in any of the above end usages, Zincanneal would be an ideal choice. Remember corrosion is a particularly significant pain point in Australia, given the harsh climes here, rendering Zincanneal all the more vital.