As the famous saying goes, “A house is not a home.” A house refers to the physical building that you live in, however, home refers to an attachment or warm feelings that you experience within the physical building. Therefore, not all houses are homes. In this article, we are going to put forward 5 tips that will help make your house feel homier. 

Add Plants 

Adding a touch of green within the house will give a natural feel and can brighten the room instantly. This is especially important in dim corners or areas where it may be hard to spice up in other ways. Another advantage is the oxygen that the plants will bring to the room. You will experience added freshness and better air circulation. 

Avoid Overhead Lighting 

Overhead lighting gives a more formal and grand impression than placing lamps around the house. You can adjust to your personality as well, for example, if you’re into quirky objects then lamps can be a part of your collection. There are endless possibilities of lamps out there! 

Display Some Art 

Whether you’re a fan of oil paintings or photographs, displaying your favourite art on the wall adds personality to the room. Visiting family and friends will be able to understand your taste and personality through the art you display. 

Put a Rug in Places You Will Stand for Awhile

Rugs give the impression of warmth and comfort. Standing in the kitchen right in front of the stove may not be the most comfortable thing. However, by placing a rug in the area, your feet will feel more supported and warm. Another good place to place a rug is right in front of the door when you enter. 

Keep One Blanket on Your Couch

Having a blanket right when you need it during a Netflix series takes comfort to the next level. A couch on the blanket says that the house is lived in and the owners are going about their activities at home. Plus, it’s handy too for when friends crash on short notice. 

Put Out and Light Some Candles

If you are a fan of candles, scented or unscented, feel free to place them around the house and light them. Not only do they produce a good scent and can clear the air, they also make good decorations around the house. 

Anything else? 

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