Almost everyone has seen or come across a land surveyor, with their distinctive white helmet, bright yellow vest, and complex equipment, but in actuality, only a few people can describe what their job really entails. It’s important to know what they are doing as these land surveyors hold the key for people to have safe and legal property. This article explains the five things a surveyor would want you to know.

Scientist at the Core

You might think that surveyors are accountable to just a person, but this is not true. First and foremost, surveyors are scientists at heart. Science, math, and a property’s history are at the core of the surveying field. Surveyors will compare a property’s existing borders with the available historical data. They will then create their own measurements from said data to see what has changed over time. Once a surveyor accumulates their data and produces the required documentations, it will permanently be available on public record, all the while they are liable for its accuracy.

Head and Shoulders Above GPS

It’s undeniable that technology has made a lot of things much easier, which resulted in a lot of DIY processes. The same can’t be said for surveys. It’s true that you can define your own property lines, with the average GPS system that is accurate within 15’ – 20’, but doing this DIY survey could lead your property into a dispute with another property due to your 15’ – 20’ leniency. A land surveyor would use its professional-grade instruments to pin down the size of your property down to the centimeters, providing near-perfect accuracy.

Saving Money

Hiring a surveyor would make your property lines clear and detailed, so the process of making a construction within your own borders will not have the risk of another property owner saying that you are trespassing their borders. Paying a bit of money to a surveyor can legally confirm your property’s borders, identify encroachments, and make life a lot easier when you or your neighbor are trying to remodel.

Vast Skill Sets

Surveyor boasts a variety of different survey types and expertise. Surveyors can conduct new-home surveys, lot-split/property division surveys, and land title surveys. Furthermore, surveyors are skilled at creating topographical maps, producing survey drawings, precise leveling measurements, and even accident reconstruction for insurance/liability reasons.

Work, Work, Work

A standard property survey costs around $200 – $1,000, and it’s true that the numbers can be quite high, however, that cost is worth every penny, as surveying involves a lot of pursuing records and data, exceptional precision, math, and the confidence and professionalism necessary to assume legal and historical responsibility for one’s actions.

In Conclusion

It’s imperative for you to know what exactly a surveyor job entails. Knowing what they are truly capable of and seeking their expertise will ensure the perfection of your property lines and borders.

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