Interested in creating bespoke jewellery? Before booking into a bespoke jewellery consultation, it is vital to understand what can be done prior to ensuring that the appointment is used in the most efficient and effective way possible. 


Research before your consultation

It would be highly beneficial to research designs / types of jewellery that spark interest, prior to going to your jewellery consultation. Essentially, going into the appointment with any form of idea will assist the jeweller in guiding the appointment in the right direction, minimising any time wasted. 


Have an idea of a budget 

Plan out your budget before heading to your consultation as this will narrow down your options at the start of the consultation, ensuring that there are no disappointments. It will also allow the appointment to progress faster as you will only be shown items that are within your specified budget. If you are feeling lenient when it comes to your budget, tell your jeweller the percentage you are willing to spend on either side of your budget. For example, you may be willing to go 10% either way (10% less or 10% higher than the fixed amount). 


Plan your timeline / calendar dates 

Plan out your timeline of when you are ideally wanting to receive the finished product. This advice is more geared towards those purchasing engagement rings as they may have a specific date that they are planning to propose on or even those who are wanting custom wedding bands as they too will require the finished product by a specific date. By setting out your timeline from the beginning will assist in ensuring that the ownership is then being passed on to the jeweller, minimising any delay risks.


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